JMU’s Jordan Simal of Breeze TV and Breeze Sports sits down for an exclusive online interview with Curt Dudley, JMU’s Director of Broadcast Services, for a special edition of the Breeze TV Sports Desk. Dudley, now in his 33rd year with JMU, discusses everything from the strange reality of living without JMU Athletics in Harrisonburg to how amazing it is to still speak with student athletes in this very unique time in our community. Additionally, Dudley discusses the potential and the possible issues surrounding JMU’s alleged “All Sports” Spring Semester - which would follow the NCAA’s return-to-play protocol. It is possible that the Spring 2021 Semester could feature numerous sports spanning from Fall to Spring all being played collectively at once that could start in early 2021 pending the future status of the coronavirus and the safety of the University.