Week 5 Sunday Football predictions

Sports Reporters Jordan Simal, Kaleb James, and Breeze TV senior reporter Michael Bellu sat down at the desk this week to discuss and predict which teams they believe have the edge and will come out victorious.

As the Washington Football Team made a change at quarterback, giving the reins of the offense to Kyle Allen, all three reporters took the Los Angeles Rams in this one but remained in agreement that uncertainty looms regarding the organization's handling and development of former first-round pick Dwayne Haskins.

Another game they also discussed was the Minnesota Vikings versus the Seattle Seahawks, giving the edge to the Seahawks, who have been on fire as of late courtesy of Russell Wilson. Unlike Kirk Cousins, who may “not like” what’s going on right now in the Twin Cities, being winners of only one in their last four games.

Shifting the focus to the rookie Joe Burrow and the Bengals, as Kaleb predicted last week — they got their first victory. However, this week the guys rolled against Burrow in the belief that they don’t have enough to upset the Lamar led Baltimore Ravens. We’ll see how all these games play out, but that’s all for Extra Points this week.