Dynamic Aviation holds NEXTGEN Aviators event for students

“So, the question is, would you rather be in class, or would you be out flying an airplane?” A Dynamic Aviation co-pilot asked the middle schoolers and high schoolers boarding their aircraft for a quick flight to Staunton and back.

On Sept. 28, 2021, Dynamic Aviation, located in Bridgewater, VA held their NEXTGEN Aviators event for students to explore their career opportunities with engineering, electronics, rivet work and other hands-on activities.

According to Michael Stoltzfus, the President and CEO of Dynamic Aviation, seeing the focus and wonder in the kids’ eyes is what the event is all about. It’s one of the most ‘meaningful gifts’ for the company to witness.

The young students got the chance to fly their own aircraft in a simulation experience, along with getting the chance to fly in an actual airplane. They donned a headset and listened to the pilot and co-pilot go through their checklist, discuss air traffic, and got to see the view of their hometown from above.