COVID-19 cases have been on a steady decline. As of Tuesday JMU has reported 11 new positive cases and 50 new recovered cases. Cumulatively that makes 1,401 student cases with 1,140 students recovered. There are currently 82 quarantine beds available with 61 in use. 6.36% of the student body has tested positive and the total number of cases in Harrisonburg has climbed to 2,405.

Today, JMU announced the return to in-person learning on October 5th. There could be a significant increase in cases as the student population returns. Laura Lee Wight gave us some wisdom regarding the quarantine procedure. She said “Even if you started your quarantine five, one of your roommates who you’re quarantining with is symptomatic, you have to push your quarantine period back further. So it’s just important to stay at home, stay away from your friends and your roommates, and to follow the proper quarantine and isolation procedures. And of course, if you ever have any questions, your case investigator or contact tracer who calls you can answer those questions.”

As a result of the return, there are new procedures that students and staff must follow to stop the spread. JMU allocated over $700,000 towards cleaning supplies and UREC has a new appointment system for scheduling workouts.