JMU women's basketball's star player Claire Neff is a valuable asset to the team

She may be wearing a fill-in jersey but j-m-u fans will soon know her name. Claire Neff is a freshman midyear transfer from Clemson, who chose JMU because of the relationships she's built with the coaches. Neff says, “"I love Coach O and the coaching staff here and I'm 100% positive that I made the right decision to come to JMU.

Coach O has helped me grow in my relationships with him and the other coaches and I think they've really learned who I am as a person and a player through this whole process which I really appreciate they're really caring coaches and they want what's best for me which I really love about them." Neff is known for her contagious energy on and off the court -- which she says stems from her days of playing volleyball.

Neff describes, “I’m always more excited for other people than I am for myself. So, even if it's something small like someone gets a touch on the ball when the other team has it even if we don't pick it up like that's something I feel is worth celebrating. Everything to me has meaning and if i can like get my teammates on that same page of looking at everything in a positive view then that's like huge for the team."

Claire was on coach O’Rregan's radar prior to her entering the transfer portal -- which made him that much more excited when she became a JMU Duke.

Coach o states "I love that kid. I mean that kid brings so much energy and so much joy to what we're doing. I think she's got unbelievable instincts, and you see her run up and down the floor. I mean, there's a temptation there. I mean she's athletic, she can run, she can play multiple positions.

I got really high hopes for her."