Brother’s Craft Brewery helps donate gifts to the local homeless population

Every year from November 27th to December 13th, Brother’s Craft Brewery partners up with Mercy House by donating gifts to them. Videographer Theodore Muneses interviewed Taproom Manager, Josh Harold, and bartender, Beth Grabau.

They talk about how the brewery works and how they give back to the community because it's a privilege for them to work there. The brewery has set up a giving tree decorated with ornaments and tags. Each tag represents a resident from Mercy House and contains their Christmas gift wishes.

Customers can grab those tags, buy the gifts, and leave them under the tree at the bar. Events are still scheduled but are socially distanced this time around. Brother’s Craft Brewery has been hosting this event for four years and the brewery itself has been around for eight years.

The brewery is one of the oldest breweries in Harrisonburg and the gift-giving one way they keep the community engaged.