In this week's entertainment news, Schitt's Creek won nine Emmy's, The Ellen Degeneres Show started its eighteenth season, and one JMU senior is making the most out of his last year at James Madison University.

The cast of Schitt's Creek celebrated the Emmy awards by still being able to gather while accepting their awards. Creator, Don Levy, accepted an award for best supporting actor while his father, Eugene Levy, won for outstanding actor. Don Levy said Schitt's Creek has been one of his greatest accomplishments. You can catch the documentary about the making of the last season of Schitt's Creek on Netflix.

The Ellen Degeneres Show returned on Monday addressing the culture of fear on her show. Three of her executive producers were fired, making DJ Twitch, co-executive producer. Degeneres apologized to those she had hurt in her monologue and hopes that her audience will still see her show as a place to laugh.

One JMU senior is making the most out of his senior year. Oscar Bravo gathered his six friends and roommates to leave their mark on madison. Bravo began watching the show Friends and was inspired to create a JMU version. He said the show was completely improvised and hopes it will bring people together during the Coronavirus pandemic.