Breeze TV goes over weekly COVID-19 news

This week in COVID we take a look at new numbers, the stir that Trump caused by taking off his mask at the White House, churches dealing with COVID, and a wandering hazmat suit man. Starting off with the JMU COVID numbers, we hit the wonderful number of zero cases on October 6th, but have worked our way back up the pole with 11 the following two days. There are 27 quarantine beds in use with 288 available and have hit a cumulative number of 1,527 positive COVID cases.

As promised, we have an update on President Trump’s positive COVID test. The President was released this past Monday, October 5th, from the Walter Reed Hospital and will be continuing treatment. When President Trump returned to the White House, he headed up to the balcony, faced the live television cameras, and ceremoniously ripped off his mask. Even with the high numbers of positive COVID cases in the West Wing right now, President Trump informed America to not be frightened of COVID and went back inside mask-less.

There was a wandering man in a Hazmat suit on JMU’s campus this week to remind people that this pandemic is not over and to still be cautious of their surroundings.