Breeze TV investigates sexual assault on JMU's campus

Breeze TV investigated sexual assault on JMU’s campus for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. After reaching out to the community, multiple came forward — some anonymously — to tell their story and spread awareness for the issue.

Breeze TV also reached out to multiple administrators for a comment on the issue and interviewed members of the student-run organization Students Against Sexual Violence, or SASV, at JMU and how they work to both prevent sexual assault and support survivors.

Here is what one survivor, Rachel York, shared about their experience.

“I was sexually assaulted by a guy in the organization that was hosting the social event it has definitely happened to several of my friends. I know when I went through the OSARP process after reporting my case to Title IX, I did end up losing my trial, and it was definitely super hard to deal with mentally and physically as well.”

Co-leader for SASV, Susannah Hosay, had this to say about JMU’s policies and SASV’s efforts to combat sexual assault.

“There's some stuff that JMU can alter, and there's some stuff that legally we cannot alter, the current changes are not as beneficial for survivors as we would like them to be, to say the least. So, we're definitely keeping an eye on the Title IX changes, and we're sticking with it staying posted. So, if there's any changes, we're going to be kind of communicating that to the community.”