Breeze TV’s news director and senior anchor Shelby Walker sat down with incoming SGA president Jessani Collier about her plans for the summer and what she wants to accomplish during her presidency. Walker asked Collier about her goals for over summer break regarding working towards a more diverse, equal and inclusive campus in the fall.

Collier noted the importance of incorporating those with disabilities when discussing plans surrounding minority communities. Collier will be working with Tim Miller, Vice President of Student Affairs, over the break. Walker asked how her working in Miller’s office will help increase the transparency between JMU administration and students, faculty and parents. Collier talked about her plans and how she wants to incorporate everyone involved in the president’s cabinet at JMU.

She feels Tim Miller has done a good job reaching out to students during the past year, yet wants to see more administration involved. Walker also asked about Collier’s plan to restructure SGA and her initiatives that she recently posted on social media. These initiatives include training sessions for JMU professors on how they can better teach and communicate with those a part of minority groups on campus.

Collier also has a plan to create a student-organized mutual aid fund to help lessen the economic burdens minority and at-risk communities face. They ended the interview discussing Collier’s plans to get JMU carbon neutral by 2050.