Reporters Craig Allison and Ian Welfley went to Washington D.C. for Joe Biden's Inauguration

January 20, 2021 marked another historical Wednesday in American politics following the capitol building storming and the second presidential impeachment. It was also historic, however, as Trump marked the fourth time in American history where a president snubbed their successor’s inauguration along with John Adams, John Quincy Adams and Andrew Johnson. This made the atmosphere in DC that morning all the more unique, Breeze TV reporter Craig Allison and I travel into the city and garner some insight on all that was going on.

Good morning, JMU. I currently stand in Black Lives Matter Plaza in DC as the country waits with bated breath for Joe Biden to be inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States. In the distance behind me, you can see the White House, sealed off from any individuals without a White House press pass as DC police and the national guard remain on high alert following the storming of the Capitol Building not just two weeks ago. Throughout the day Breeze TV is going to follow this inauguration as closely as we can and give some first-hand insight into this historic day.

We saw crowds of people from varying political backgrounds flock to the city to witness Biden take office. Some were thrilled, some were indifferent, some were dissatisfied, yet all there were united in their excitement to be in the presence of American history. We had Journalists from other outlets come up and interview us, and we even met up with YouTuber All Gas, No Brakes.

It’s currently noon and emotions are high outside the capitol building here in DC. All around me Americans have come out to both support and protest their new president as he’s inaugurated in the distance behind me. In spite of COVID, in spite of all the tension we’ve seen these past weeks, It’s truly been remarkable to see the number of people that have come out to participate in our democratic transition of power.

We then headed back to JMU to get some student’s perspectives following the inauguration.

Reporting for Breeze TV, I’m Ian Welfley.