Mad River Mart is a Harrisonburg local business that is a staple for JMU students

Harrisonburg is full of many great entrepreneurs, individuals who take a risk in order to build something greater. One of those individuals is Arbab Aftab Ahmad. Arbab works at Mad River Mart, a local convenience store that has become increasingly popular because of Arbab’s great personality and customer service.

Recently Arbab has been presented with multiple awards for his outstanding entrepreneurship. We had a talk with him about what makes a great entrepreneur. Arbab moved from Pakistan to the United States in 2010, before opening mad river mart he was an Uber driver, forklift driver, and merchandiser for the Coca-Cola company.

When his best friends told him about an opportunity to open a convenience store in Harrisonburg, he jumped on it. Arbab says his great success is a product of his stores' outstanding customer service and competitive pricing. His business model is to get as many customers coming into the store and having a good experience, the money comes second to showing his patrons a good time.