North Dakota State fans take tailgating seriously. Sure, they don't compare to the camaradarie feel that the JMU tailgates have, but they certainly put a different spin on things. 

As I opened my window this morning, I noticed one of two things. One, there are pickup trucks parked right in front of my window. Two, that there was an abundance of yellow and green buses. 

Yes, you read correctly. Buses. These fans drive green and gold painted buses. One even had every Division-II championship painted on the front. And if you aren't one of these fans who drive buses, you pull illustrated trailers!

With the wind chill currently sitting at about 20 degrees, I was amazed at the determination of these fans. Sure, they could be used to it being continuously cold here, but when the snowflakes started falling, I really took an admiration for these fans NDSU supporters.

I think the coolest part of walking through the tailgates was coming across a couple of JMU fans! Pictured are Peter Tartaro ('00) and friend Caitlin Walseth. Peter lives in the twin cities, so he had a three hour commute, but was excited to support his Dukes a little closer to home. 

Halftime photos of the stadium and a halftime update blog will be coming. Kickoff in an hour!