At halftime, the Dukes were down 10-7 after a 53-yard field goal from their kicker. But before we get into the nitty-gritty details of the play, let's talk about the atmosphere before kickoff.

JMU Alum Peter Tartaro ('00) and companion Caitlin Walseth pause for a picture while tailgating outside of the Fargodome. Peter traveled from the Twin Cities.

North Dakota State fans take tailgating seriously. Sure, they don't compare to the camaradarie feel that the JMU tailgates have, but they certainly put a different spin on things. 

After touring the Fargodome, I was at a loss of what to do with my night. My first thought immediately went to finding a place to eat. After looking through the not-so-handy restaurant guide, I decided to ask the friendly staff where a great local place would be. 

The whole team stretching out before practice.

This is the look from the North Endzone at the turf. Notice the scoreboard and the rather small size of the uprights.

The look at the museum located in the mall. It's featured after Roger Maris, who was a Yankees outfielder.

Fargo is much larger than I had originally thought. I discovered this after I realized I had forgotten my voice recorder in my bookbag, which is lying on the floor in my dorm room. So it was off to take a tour of the Fargo Best Buy, which was a nice surprise. As an employee of Best Buy, I wa…

It's ironic how our plane company’s name is “Sun Country.” I don’t remember North Dakota exactly being a very sunny, very warm spot to be. Not to mention our caterer got pulled over by local cops on the way to the plane, or that most of the team went through security after the crew arrived a…

So before I start the whole "oh my gosh I'm on a plane to Fargo" business, I feel it's important to share with you some of the facts that I received from the Missouri Valley Football Conference. 

The Breeze is packing its bags and heading to Fargo, N.D., Thursday night to follow the Dukes on their quest to make it to the Football Championship Subdivision finals in Frisco, Texas, next month.

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