Pale Fire Brewing's trivia nights are among the best in Harrisonburg, according to voters in The Breeze's "The Best of the 'Burg." 

Liberated from the confines of the hospital, Skievaski mentions her renewed sense of determination to achieve tranquility and happiness by finding a job in which she could interact with others.

When hungry customers walk into O’Neill’s Grill, they’re greeted by a pleasant blend of scents: barbecue ribs that fall off the bone, juicy aged steak and, of course, the cookie skillet. 

The rubbery scent that filled the air was accompanied by a cacophony of revving engines and blaring horns. Tom Imeson, owner and operator of AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care, assisted a variety of customers in Spanish, one of three languages he speaks fluently.

A few miles south of Harrisonburg, a small country road leads to the gilded gates of CrossKeys Vineyards. Located in Mount Crawford, Virginia, it was recently named “The Best Vineyard of the ’Burg” and it doesn’t take a sommelier to figure out why.

When he’s with friends, Durgin likes to debate topics like whether hybrid cars will actually help the environment enough to be worth the cost. But all of that is when he isn’t working, studying or in class.