Brother's Craft Brewing

Personal touch helps separate Brother's from breweries in the area. 

Barley, grains, spices and a plethora of distinct ingredients make up one single pour of a Brothers Craft Brewing blend, right in the heart of Harrisonburg. The Shifflett siblings take pride in their hops, whether 12 or 16 oz. While their specific beers range from Flagships, Now & Agains, Weekenders to Endeavors, Jason, Tyler and Adam Shifflett, the owners of Brothers Craft, have one commonality: the passion to brew.

The Shifflett brothers began their venture into beer in December 2012. What was once Three Brothers Brewing progressed into Brothers Craft Brewing, expanding the brand of the beer and the company itself. With a motto like, “Join the brotherhood,” Brothers Craft focuses on a familial atmosphere. 

“With Brothers Craft Brewing, we want everybody to be part of the family and enjoy the experience that we want to give to people,” Jason said.

The entire staff of Brothers Craft has become tight-knit — a family fermentation of sorts. As the business expanded, so did the company surrounding the Shifflett siblings. They take pride in their business, hoping to grow it for generations.

“Being a small business, we’re thrilled at how we’ve grown and the steps we’ve taken, but at the end of the day, it’s still a small business and we have to grind every day,” Jason said. “It’s nice because of that family atmosphere, everyone cares about what they’re doing. It’s not just punching the clock. They enjoy what they’re doing and it’s making a difference for everybody and that’s the key to the whole thing.”

For the brothers, Harrisonburg is home. They enjoy the environment their brewery provides to its customers and believe it’s representative of their relationships with one another. The brothers grew up in Port Republic, Virginia, so the Shifflett siblings believed it was only natural to root their business in Harrisonburg.

Jason, Adam and Tyler aspired to open their own company in the area. With the help of friends and family, they turned that dream into a brick and mortar location.

“It’s always kind of been a dream growing up,” Jason said. “It was just kind of a hobby idea that morphed into this idea now. We all kind of had varied backgrounds, and it kind of helped us bring something different to the table. We’ve obviously been able to grow on the production side into distribution and then really try to involve ourselves in the community from the retail side with nonprofit monthly outreaches.”

For the brothers at the brewery, the job is never the same. They value being able to work closely together in a variety of positions.

“I definitely wear a lot of different hats,” Tyler said. “Everybody here wears a lot of different hats. It’s just a good opportunity … There is a lot of variation and it’s cool to see something from the very beginning and create it as it goes and be able to morph around with it.”

Josh Harold, Brothers Craft Brewing’s taproom manager, feels like he’s a part of the brotherhood. While he isn’t a member of the immediate family, he feels the Shifflett siblings are his own.

“My favorite part of working here is working hand and hand with [Jason],” Harold said. “Not only our ability to create reasons for people to come here, whether it be events or philanthropy, but then execute those events and see it to its fruition … just the dynamics within and our chemistry as a team, as a family-run business, is worth its weight in gold among itself.”

According to the brothers, working with each other isn’t without its difficulties. They work through conflict and value their familial relationship above all else.

“Jason and I have been fortunate enough to always have gotten along super well. I think we work very well together,” Tyler said. “He was the best man at my wedding; there hasn’t ever been sandpaper between us. There’s definitely times where because he’s your brother that he could say or do things that maybe you should or shouldn’t, but for the most part we try to treat everybody like family and it creates a nice workplace for everybody. It’s unique but positive.”

Employees of Brother’s Craft Brewing see the chemistry between the Shifflett brothers and feel connected to it as well. The company firmly believes in outreach, community involvement and making the most out of the brotherhood they’ve created.

“As for employees that aren’t direct family members, it’s that same mantra,” Harold said. “Everybody has everybody’s back. We can ride each other, we can crack jokes on each other, but at the end of the day, we’re all in this together looking out for each other. That’s probably the most positive part of this. You don’t find that in other businesses.” 

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